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Student exchange

To see the world means to understand the world

Given the rising internationalisation of our body of pupils, there has been an increasing wish to establish partner schools abroad: in Russia, China, Scotland, and France.

European Gymnasium “Peter the First” in Moscow / Russia

Once a year in a group of pupils travels to Moscow and resides in the private Russian boarding school and with families in order to get to know about Russian daily life, history, culture, and customs. The study programme includes:

  • Red Square and the Basilius Cathedral, the historical department store GUM, the Historical Museum and the Lenin Mausoleum
  • The Kremlin with a visit to the Armoury and an evening at the State Ballet
  • The Victory Park and the Museum of the Great Patriotic War (= Second World War)
  • The Summer Residences of the Czars in Komsomolskoje and in Zarizino
  • The Tretjakov National Gallery
  • A visit to the Oktjabrskaja chocolate factory or the Matrjoschka Manufactory
  • The Park of the World Exhibition and the Museum of Space Travel

The return visit of our Russian partners follows. In July 2016 the first group of pupils from the Classes 7-10 of our school travelled for ten days to Moscow.


Our partner school in Moskau (Video in russian) Наша школа по обмену учащимися в Москве

P-Seminar Project: Looking for a partner school in China

The Project Seminar searched for one year for a suitable school in China. Contact was established with the Confucius Institute and our Chinese pupils helped us with the communication. Now we can choose between three schools.

Searching for partner schools in France and Scotland

At the moment we are using private contacts to look for suitable partner schools in these countries.