Between Munich and Tegernsee lies the Max-Rill-Gymnasium, Reichersbeuern Castle, a state-recognized grammar school and international boarding school in the free, private and non-profitmaking ownership of a school association.
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Well-founded knowledge transfer and personality formation are, in the sense of a holistic development involving the heart, the head and the hands, more than just teaching and lessons.

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what parents say about us:

“We entrust our children to the Max-Rill-Gymnasium because we appreciate the sense of familiar togetherness. The school creates a climate of trust and of managing things together. Every single day we are happy about our joint decision. The children have felt good from the very first lesson on!”

“In a short period of time, our sons have been given the opportunity to develop self-confidence, something which is not a matter of course in today’s school system. The close cooperation of parents, teachers and pupils has contributed to this development.”

“The Max Rill School offers us a familiar environment. Particularly helpful for us was the provision of individual support for the children in an especially difficult phase of development. It is really nice to experience that it is not a system of punishment that is to be found in the foreground but instead the individual support of the children.”

“Confidence building and the maintenance of tradition, and this in an environment in which the growing together of the world community can be sensed in every nook and cranny, this is what the Max-Rill School in Reichersbeuern is all about. We are convinced that this is the case and every day we have a good feeling about sending our children there. In spite of all the work and effort that this involves, it is the individual who is in the foreground here. Thank you for this!”

“From the very beginning the feeling and the belief prevail that we can achieve our goals together. We are all acting in concert, working on a joint concept, one that places the pupil in first place!”