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Guest family weekend

Shared experience

Once or twice a year our children and young people from broad spend a weekend with a German host family. They get to know more about German family life and German habits and customs. The visitors view it as positive that they have to speak only German. Quite a number of the German families make friends with their guests and maintain contact with them after the visit.

Impressions and experiences of our host parents:

“We had a lot of fun and it was lovely to see how the young people talked with other and enjoyed each other’s company. Our son showed his guest everything with enthusiasm and explained everything to him. When the time came to leave G. asked if he could come again. We were very happy to hear that. Of course he can come to see us again.”

“Our guests’ stay at our home gave us great pleasure. The two young gentlemen were polite, considerate, and modest and have, as far as we can see, adapted well to our German way of things. They went to great trouble to speak good German to us and were able to make themselves understood in every department. It was a little difficult for us to find out what the young people liked to eat. We simply served up what we spontaneously felt might suit.”