Learning in Germany

Children and young people who arrive in Germany from abroad with a limited knowledge of German need individual attention in order to learn the language. This takes place at first on an individual basis or in small groups. In close consultation with their teachers, they are, as guest pupils, as a rule from Class 9 on or earlier, integrated step by step into standard class teaching and towards the point where they can be admitted as regular pupils. The ultimate goals are to pass the Abitur exams and to embark on their studies in Germany.

Experiences of our international pupils

“As a pupil from abroad I did, indeed, have a few problems at the start, not just in learning but also when it came to relationships between pupils. However, all the teachers, the mentors, and my fellow-pupils helped me so much that soon I no longer felt like an outsider and, in the course of time, I gradually made friends with many people. In the Max-Rill-School I could really sense my development. My ability to express myself, for example, improved a lot and I was able to understand better and learn better and deal better with my fellow-pupils. During lessons my teachers always ask me if have understood everything and if I don’t quite understand something, they explain it to me again, if necessary several times, with a great deal of patience. My thanks go to all my teachers for this reason, without them I would not be doing as well as I am this school year.”