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International students

To understand the world means opening up to the world

We are increasingly admitting young people from abroad to our school, students who live with us in the boarding school and work towards attaining the qualification for university entrance. Given the fact that over 20 nations and cultures are represented among our students and staff (including children from Brazil, China, Denmark, England, France, Italy, Croatia, Morocco, Nepal, Poland, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, the Ukraine), shared inter-cultural learning is a matter of course.

We want German and foreign children and young people to experience fundamental values like mutual respect, tolerance and fairness and to learn to accept and understand other cultures and mentalities. Living and learning together comes about through shared activities. For this reason we organise special motto evenings involving games and the typical cuisine of the country concerned. We also celebrate special festivals and hold an international open day.

Impressions on the part of our International Students:

“I feel good and free in this beautiful castle. The castle is not just home to a lot of old history, it is also home to a lot of history about myself and my friends.”

“The boarding school is like a big family. Here I feel as if I am at home.”

“The Max-Rill-Gymnasium is for me more than a school, because, on the one hand, I have made really great developments in terms of self-reliance and independence. I find that more important than anything else. On the other hand, I have also made great progress in learning and managed to pass the 10th Class.”