Information on admission

Our school is state-recognised. For this reason the same conditions relating to admission and to advancement to the next highest class prevail as do at a public school.

We can point to many years of good experience with changing schools: switching from other types of school, other German states, and from schools abroad. In order to ascertain the preconditions for admission and, if need be, to be able to prepare any necessary admission examination, we invite interested pupils to a trial week at our school. Students who are able to switch to our school without sitting an admission exam are invited to visit us to get to know the school and the boarding facilities. We will be pleased to advise you on such matters either by telephone or in the course of a personal conversation.

School and Boarding School costs

Admission to Monthly costs
A. All-day school, Class 5640 Euro
A.2  All-day school, Classes 6 – 12800 Euro
A.3  All-day school, Classes 6 – 12 for siblings640 Euro
B. All-day school and boarding school, going home for weekends2,200 Euro
One-time costs
Admission fee, all-day school200 Euro
Admission fee, all-day school and boarding school400 Euro
Security deposit All-day school  (A.)2,400 Euro
Security deposit All-day school  (B.)6,600 Euro
Security deposit All-day school  (C.)8,400 Euro


It is a matter of importance for our school that we also teach the children of parents who cannot manage to pay the full school fees, and, for this reason, following on an application (Application for a reduction of the school fees) and subsequent scrutiny of the earning capacity and pecuniary circumstances of the applicants, we have the opportunity of granting a reduction.